New business environment


Chris Noessel
Global Design Lead Consultant - IBM Travel and Transportation


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Roberto Quaglia
Professor of Strategy&Management - ESCP Europe

The change management ultimate challenge
Change management is becoming a continuous process. Nevertheless, there is a very specific challenge, which seems to be still off reach for most leaders: that of successfully having people changing their behaviours or mind-sets and embrace change with engagement. Participants will learn how to frame the issue of having their organisations supporting change and, even more importantly, to learn possible approaches to make change really happen.


Fabio Troiani
Co-Founder and CEO - Bip

Technology is the answer, but what was the question?

Drones, 3d printing, artificial intelligence and nanotechnology are some of the trends that are revolutionizing every industry, without exception. However,technology is only the answer: to benefit from the transformation that is taking place in the business world and in our society, every manager should ask himself what was the question behind. Looking to the future, and using technology intelligently to renew their organization and human experience, even the largest and complex companies can fill the gap with the most innovative young companies. Without being swept away by the market.



New products and service


Carla Conca - Epson - @EpsonItalia
Mauro Rubin - Joinpad - @plumfake

Augmented Reality and wearable devices

In the upcoming Industry 4.0 era, new trends and technologies are radically transforming the contemporary working scenario. What is gathering force is an ecosystem where a new generation of adaptive softwares can perceive the environment by connecting to the user’s surrounding, recognizing relevant events and providing forecasts on future needs. This is called Context Computing Ecosystem and is changing rapidly the interaction paradigm of user-information: the information has to reach the user in the right place, at the right time, for the right purpose. Augmented Reality and wearable devices such as the Epson Moverio smart glasses are key points of this system: taking advantage of these elements is crucial to develop strategies and to reach new business opportunities.


Christian Miccoli 
President - CheBanca!






Oli Shaw
Global Service Design Director - Designit

Thinking less, living more: Creating a human shaped world

We need to create a more human shaped world. The more we are connected, the more demands on our attention, the more things we ‘have’ to do. Means there is less time, or more pressured time for living life and enjoying life.
How to make an existing service (or create new services) more anticipatory, more automated, more personalize and ultimately allow us to live in a more human shaped world.


New customer experience


Daniel Gusev
Managing partner - Digital Space Ventures

Contextualising everyday finance for a happy wellbeing’

We live in the world of signals. Cues, blinks, sunrises and sunsets, breakfasts taken, commutes ridden, paychecks cleared and well spent  - we operate through cycles - and as they accumulate, we tend to forget we experience them for real. In this world of myopia, where human being start to operate on cues, it is ever more important to create a positive path on optimum spending, as hardly one would educate the mass user with financial planning techniques. We need to find a better way to contextualise financial decisions and drive them through emotion and personal attachment.


Daniel Ewerman
CEO - Transformator Design Group

How to put the customer at the heart of the business

Customer centricity is crucial to not become obsolete. Why is it so and how do you convince the C-level to put the customer at the heart of the business? The speech will also give you the checklist of the obstacles that need to be overcome in order to manage working outside in. But also some hands-on tools on how to transform the organisation and make the change truly happen.

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Innovation Officer - IBM

Augmenting and accelerating UX with cognitive technology


New organizational models


Luca Mascaro
CEO - Sketchin

Design for the corporate transformation

This session will delve into the emerging role of design as a game changer for big corporations in the challenge of business transformation and competition with the startups world.

Through a few examples, I will show how new design discipline such as service and strategic design can help even big corporations evolve their organization, empower the human experience and embrace the nimbleness and fast paced innovation practices typical of the startup ecosystem.



Corp -Cofounder and Evolution Officer - Nativa

Exponentials, Grand Challenges and B Corps
Exponential trends in technology environment, demographics, economy and culture accelerate and converge, creating unprecedented disruption in existing organizations, businesses, and social systems. In order to create shared prosperity in the future, all organizations need to innovate towards sustainability. In order to do so, a traditional forecasting approach is inadequate: we need to adopt a first principles design approach and back-cast from a desired future, defined by scientifically robust social and environmental sustainability principles. In this scenario, the Benefit Corporation - a new paradigm of for profit organisation with the purpose to regenerate society and the biosphere - is emerging as one of the most promising evolutions of the very concept of Business.


Phil Martin Balagtas
UX Designer/Researcher - GE Aviation Digital Solutions

Designing for Altitude: Collaborative Solutions for Airline Operations

Within GE’s Aviation arm—best known for producing many of the commercial jet engines you fly on today— a small team has begun looking for new opportunities within airlines to build software. Phil Balagtas, Lead Designer & Researcher for GE Aviation’s Digital Solutions group, will talk about the journey to discover new solutions in the aviation industry and the successes and challenges of creating new investigative frameworks and products for flight operations.