Have a word with Luca  @lucamascaro   

Have a word with Luca @lucamascaro 

Design for the corporate transformation

This session will delve into the emerging role of design as a game changer for big corporations in the challenge of business transformation and competition with the startups world.
Through a few examples, I will show how new design discipline such as service and strategic design can help even big corporations evolve their organization, empower the human experience and embrace the nimbleness and fast paced innovation practices typical of the startup ecosystem.




I am a designer. In my 15+ years of professional experience, I have been inspired by sci-fi, architecture, Japanese culture and human experiences.
I founded Sketchin in 2006 to meet a challenge: mould a world where people can live experiences over their expectations. In my time at Sketchin, I've worked with clients that range from startups to global brands like Google, Ebay, Yahoo, Moleskine, Eni and Swisscom; to evolve the overall experience they offer their customers.
I've taught students and companies in Europe how to design from an experience-centered and business-oriented point of view. I evolved Sketchin's practice from both a philosophical and practical perspective to better fit market needs and embrace change as an evolutive competitive advantage.