Have a word with Fabio:  @fabiotroianibip

Have a word with Fabio: @fabiotroianibip

Technology is the answer, but what was the question?

Drones, 3d printing, artificial intelligence and nanotechnology are some of the trends that are revolutionizing every industry, without exception. However,technology is only the answer: to benefit from the transformation that is taking place in the business world and in our society, every manager should ask himself what was the question behind. Looking to the future, and using technology intelligently to renew their organization and human experience, even the largest and complex companies can fill the gap with the most innovative young companies. Without being swept away by the market.




Fabio Troiani was born in Rome in 1961 and is Bip Co-Founder and CEO.
After attaining a degree in Business & Economics, he achieved an MBA in the US, and since 1986 has been involved with management consulting activities for Italian and multinational companies; he is experienced in a number of areas but focused on innovation and transformation projects in technology-intensive sectors: telecommunications, media, technology providers, banking and utilities. He was one of the protagonists of privatisation and liberalisation processes in the telecommunications sector in Italy and Europe. He has collaborated with leading industrial groups, pursuing projects in business transformation, development and consolidation, processes streamlining, planning and governance of their IT systems.
In 2000, for  a major international consulting group, he has was responsible for Industry Communication in the EU, managing a budgets of more than 100 million euros and directing twenty partners in in fifteen different European countries.
In 2003, along with other five partners, he started a new company and founded Bip - Business Integration Partners being in place as the CEO since the beginning.
He has authored several articles on innovation in Enterprises, and a book entitled "Chief Information Officer, the challenge of pragmatic innovation", co-written with Carlo Capè and Gianmario Motta. He is passionate about technology and new businesses, and has completed the executive course of the prestigious Singularity University, of which he is a Fellow and active Alumni Association member. In corporate decisions he considers it essential to combine the "breaking of paradigms" perspective with perseverance in pursuing and executing change.
He is a passionate cyclist and mountain hiker.