Have a word with Eric:  @Ericeze

Have a word with Eric: @Ericeze

Exponentials, Grand Challenges and B Corps 

Exponential trends in technology environment, demographics, economy and culture accelerate and converge, creating unprecedented disruption in existing organizations, businesses, and social systems. In order to create shared prosperity in the future, all organizations need to innovate towards sustainability. In order to do so, a traditional forecasting approach is inadequate: we need to adopt a first principles design approach and back-cast from a desired future, defined by scientifically robust social and environmental sustainability principles. In this scenario, the Benefit Corporation - a new paradigm of for profit organisation with the purpose to regenerate society and the biosphere - is emerging as one of the most promising evolutions of the very concept of Business.


Cofounder and Evolution Officer of Nativa, first Certified B Corp® and Benefit Corporation in Italy and operative/innovation hub of The Natural Step. Chairman of The Natural Step International. Cofounder and President of The Natural Step Italy. Cofounder of Croqqer Italy. Since 2014, promoter of Società Benefit legislation and B Corps® in Italy. Eric Ezechieli designs innovation programs, creates new organizations and businesses, and counsels the top levels of corporations, NGOs, and the public sector on how to design economic activities which regenerate people and the biosphere. Expert in strategic sustainable innovation and exponential technology acceleration. Cofounder and President of Axelera, an NGO dedicated to developing leadership on how to leverage exponential technologies to solve humanity’s grand challenges. Alumnus of Singularity University @NASA Ames in California (GSP 2010), Stanford University in California (MBA-ME, 2003), Bocconi Business School (BA, 1994) and Milan Polytechnic in Italy .