Have a word with Daniel:  @dngusev

Have a word with Daniel: @dngusev

Contextualising everyday finance for a happy wellbeing’

We live in the world of signals. Cues, blinks, sunrises and sunsets, breakfasts taken, commutes ridden, paychecks cleared and well spent  - we operate through cycles - and as they accumulate, we tend to forget we experience them for real. In this world of myopia, where human being start to operate on cues, it is ever more important to create a positive path on optimum spending, as hardly one would educate the mass user with financial planning techniques. We need to find a better way to contextualise financial decisions and drive them through emotion and personal attachment.


Daniel Gusev is a seasoned entrepreneur in financial services innovation space, starting and chairing several successful labs and design-driven project offices in leading banks of Russia, advising aspiring companies and established banks in Europe and the UK, an avid blogger on financial, economic and behavioral matters of human society and an amateur father of a 2+ year- old boy.Where his notable banking career (PSBank, VTB24) is in the past, his present professional interests lie in behavioral spending control (www.finfitapp.com), payments and remittances (www.paysend.com), insurance telematics (www.drivecred.com) and helping others to succeed through a London-based venture fund (www.digital.space).