Have a word with Carla:  @EpsonItalia

Have a word with Carla: @EpsonItalia

Have a word with Mauro:  @plumfake

Have a word with Mauro: @plumfake

Augmented Reality and wearable devices

In the upcoming Industry 4.0 era, new trends and technologies are radically transforming the contemporary working scenario. What is gathering force is an ecosystem where a new generation of adaptive softwares can perceive the environment by connecting to the user’s surrounding, recognizing relevant events and providing forecasts on future needs. This is called Context Computing Ecosystem and is changing rapidly the interaction paradigm of user-information: the information has to reach the user in the right place, at the right time, for the right purpose. Augmented Reality and wearable devices such as the Epson Moverio smart glasses are key points of this system: taking advantage of these elements is crucial to develop strategies and to reach new business opportunities. 




After studying Computer Science at the State University in Milan, she started her career as a Computer Analyst in a software house in Milan. In 1989 Carla Conca joined Epson Italy as a Computer Products Specialist. In the following years she expanded her responsibilities to become projectors Product Manager in 1997.
In  2002 she took on the role of Business Manager and afterwards the current role of Sales Manager, with the responsibility of developing projectors sales channels and market opportunities, both in the Italian and in the foreign markets managed by Epson Italy.
Carla Conca is passionate about travelling, Sci-Fi movies and books.

Mauro Rubin was born in 1980. He developed his first program in "basic language" when he was eleven years old, discovering the passion that would have stayed with him for the rest of his life. From 1998 to 2001 he taught skydiving in the Italian Army and he approached for the first time to the VR simulator for paratroopers.
In December 2010 he founded JoinPad, one of the most advanced Augmented Reality company among the scene. Its core competence is developing and supporting applications for the industrial sector.
In the 2015 Mauro Rubin is the first Smart Glasses Evangelist for Epson.