Call for paper

Submit your application to participate in UXCON2016 in Lugano now! 

UXCON is looking for great speakers! 



We are looking for proposals around the UXCON theme The Money Experience

We ask for: 

• honest and real-world talks about what really works in the financial market.

• trends that are going to shape the financial field in the near future.


The presentations should deal with:

• Scenarios, previsions, advices on market and customer experience

• Practical applications, models, prototypes

• Demo of new services or new products

Short pitches on new issues or ideas


To apply, you have to send to us:

• An abstract complete of title and topic dealt by your talk

• A short presentation of your idea (max 7500 types)

• A brief author biography with a high resolution photo (max 100 words).



The call for paper will open on February 9th!